Peace & Quiet: Inside the Walls at 1400 Monroe

1400 Monroe Residence

If you purchase a new home at 1400 Monroe, noise and the associated discomfort of unwanted sound will not be a part of your new life. Acoustical engineer consultants have shown that by careful design, the sounds of everyday environments can be controlled. The development team at 1400 Monroe, JK Equities, and architecture team, Booth Hansen, brought on expert sound design consultants, Shiner Acoustics, LLC, to help give residences extra care and consideration when dealing with sound. For over 40 years Shiner Acoustics, LLC provides the link between the traditional building sciences and the physics of acoustics to attain optimum acoustical environments.

1400 Monroe followed the recommendations of Shiner Acoustics throughout the design process including:

  • Thermal pane windows that exceed the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating recommended as the industry standard for condominiums.
  • Demising walls with a minimum of four layers of drywall, staggered studs, acoustical insulation as well as an air pocket to control sounds within your home and keep exterior noise from penetrating your environment.
  • Poured concrete in between every floor along with rolled steel and steel beams which provide a secure and quiet environment.

Welcome home to true elevated urban living.